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Welcome to Sara Guest House!

Sara Guest House is a brand new and comfortable guest house located in the historical city of Axum , North of Ethiopia 1024Km far from Addis Ababa. Our guesthouse is located in the Centre of the historical Axum city in walking distance from the magnificent steals or obelisks, the tomb of king Kaleb and King Gebre Meskel, and  the legendary palace and bath of queen Sheba. We’re also situated on the quietest part of the city very close to the old traditional market of Axum, which is located 2 minutes of walking distance from our guest house. It also takes 10 minutes to walk to the traditional live-stock market and Axum university (in a different direction). Our property is also very close to Ethiopian airlines ticket office, pre-historic museum of Axum, antique shops, different banks within the town and other basic institutions.

Come alone or bring your family with you and stay here for a night or for weeks at our rooms which are designed to give you comfort, amenities and convenience. The right place to stay for you or for your family while you are on business trip or to attend a conference – either way the guest house is the right place for you to stay and feel at home. Our proactive guards supported with our long- fences strives their best to keep you safe 24 hours a day 7days a week. We always value the safety of our customers. If you need to eat or take a beverage, you can communicate with our receptions and they can order a fasting traditional Ethiopian vegetarian or non-vegetarian food in a special request to a hotel or restaurant located nearby.  A bottled mineral water of different size and soft drink is always available down at our guest waiting area.

If you have plans for a birthday, anniversary, special meeting, get together or any other special occasion, we can arrange a suitable place inside our building which can accommodate up to 50 people at a time.

A terrace located in between the two of our buildings, is a perfect quiet place to chill , browse the internet with our fast WIFI , read your favorite books or to watch the clear blue sky decorated by amazing stars at night.

When you book you room with us in a group, we serve an outstanding traditional coffee ceremony down at our guest waiting area. If you are not part of any group but you would like to enjoy the aroma and taste of our coffee, you can place an order with special request through our receptionists.

If you like avoiding the busy hotels with a lot of crowd in the usual high-rise buildings, look no further than Sara Guest House, we are all here prepared to make your stay very quiet and unforgettable.

Book a room at our guest house today and feel at home away from home



Axum is the ancient kingdom that flourished in north-eastern Africa from the 1st century BC until the early 7th century AD. The ruins of the ancient city of Axum are found close to Ethiopia’s northern border on the heart of ancient Ethiopia was once the capital of Ethiopia. It is known for its historical and pre-historic relics. The origins of the Kingdom of Axum in 5th century BC are most frequently accepted as the event commencing the history of Ethiopia. In the times of its greatest prosperity, the Kingdom was maintaining political and commercial contacts with the civilizations of Greeks and Romans, and also with India and China. In the times of Kingdom of Axum, the Geez language became an official one until today, it has been in use in the churches of Ethiopia Legend has, that it was once the seat of the Queen of Sheba or Makeda (as the Ethiopians call her) who reigned over the region in the 10th century B.C. The Axum obelisks were carved out from a single granite stone and are the world’s tallest monolithic art work. It is believed that they were erected some 2000 years ago. They are unique in their architectural beauty and mysterious past. Axum is also known as an archaeological site where one can find historic and pre-historic relics unearthed through continuous excavations. These items are displayed in the museum at Axum.

In accordance with a legend, it is from here that the Queen of Sheba departed in order to meet King Solomon. The Ethiopian epic the Kibre Negest (glory of kings) tells us that Menilik I, the son of the queen of Sheba and king Solomon of Israel, brought the original Ark of the Covenant from Jerusalem to Axum, there by established one of the world’s longest known and uninterrupted monarchical dynasties called the Solomonic dynasty. Impressive ruins, monuments and archaeological arti-facts abound in and around Axum attesting to the solid, articulate, confident, literate and resourceful strength of the civilization.

Referred to as the head of the all Ethiopian churches, Axum’s St. Mary of Zion climes to be the custodian of the original Ark of the Covenant brought by Menilik I .Axum’s most popular attractions includes as you gaze on the magnificent steals.
















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